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Direction - China
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Direction - China

China is currently one of the strongest, most important and most stable economies in the world. A presence on the Chinese market will provide your business with an opportunity to develop and build a strong position.

Business support
We have a team of experienced consultants behind us

Business support

ChinaWay is the partner of choice for any business wanting to explore the opportunities offered by investment in China. We know the market in-depth, have an extensive network of business contacts, and work with a unique team of professional specialists in economics and law, and can therefore provide you with the necessary assistance and support.


Internet marketing

Promotional activities on the Internet

China is the most populous country in the world, with the number of Internet users estimated at 600 million. The potential for promoting your products and services among such a large internet community is clear. One of the key services provided by ChinaWay is therefore the planning and implementation of promotional activities online.


Market research
Ad hoc research

Market research and analysis

Detailed ad hoc research is carried out using various methods, matched specifically to a range of issues drawn up together with the client. These services are dedicated to companies wishing to become known in the Chinese market, but lacking in knowledge of their competition or the demand for their specific product or services. Our coordinated activities allow the preparation of a thorough analysis of competitiveness within the Chinese market.


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