Promotion on the Chinese Internet

With 600 million netizens the potential of the Chinese online market is enormous; the key importance is also a massive popularity of on-line shopping. The middle class, an approximately 300 million people, to a large extent are well-off managers using the Internet on a daily basis, who do not however speak English and do not use English websites or its English language versions. The western market is in fact filtered by a relatively small group of the Chinese company representatives. For this reason the website has to be be promoted on the Chinese market.


Given the number of Internet users in China, website positioning intended to place a website on the first page of search results is one of the most efficient, and at the same time, the cheapest forms of product and service advertising.

The Chinese market, as it has been mentioned, is very specific. All well-known global brands have their local counterparts. The leading search engine in China is Baidu, which has a share in the online market standing at 60%, while the popularity of the search giant Google continues to fall and is now less then 3%. In these specific conditions, action must be taken by professionals experienced in the Chinese market.

Social Media

One quarter of all Internet users live in China, of whom the vast majority does know English language. This means that nearly 600 million of active, modern netizens are, and will be, without a Facebook or Twitter account, and will not use Google Docs or YouTube. Owing to cultural differences, illiteracy and censorship, an alternative form of Internet has emerged in China, with Sina Weibo instead of Twitter, RenRen instead of Facebook, and QQ as the instant messaging tool.

Benefits of a social media campaign:

Research indicates that a recommendation, so called word-of-mouth marketing, even a virtual one, is worth much more than other type of advertising. When given by a friend, a person who is similar to us, rather than through TV, radio or a poster, a recommendation is more reliable!