An e-shop on popular e-commerce platforms

In order to meet our clients’ needs, ChinaWay expanded its offer with a service of implementation of an online store on the e-commerce platforms that are most popular among Chinese netizens:

These three platforms hold most of the Chinese online shopping market, i.e. approximately 60 million potential buyers daily..
ithin the range of this service we offer:

An autonomous online store

Within its services ChinaWay offers support in establishing of an autonomous e-shop in China. We have own server located in China, which is a prerequisite for starting work on a given project. The location of our server allows to browse websites that are hosted there in a relatively short time. Internet providers in China are not yet at the technological level European web-users are used to, thus close location is essential. Moreover what has to be considered is the so called “Great Firewall of China”, restricting or blocking the access to many foreign servers.

Another area, where the assistance of ChinaWay may be crucial, is the purchase of a domain for an online store. Each domain located on a Chinese server with the local top-level domain of .cn must be registered by a Chinese business. The business has to apply for an Internet Content Provider (ICP) license granted by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). The license serves as a permit for the functioning of the domain on the Chinese Internet; without it the domain will be blocked by authorities responsible for online censorship. As a Chinese business ChinaWay is registered with the MIIT and at present we obtain ICP licenses under an accelerated procedure.

Another important aspect is the knowledge of the website usability in China. We prepare our projects with Chinese netizens taste consideration in terms of graphics (use of appropriate colours, fonts, etc.) and functionality, following market and web trends.

The payment methods available in a clients' online store is another issue that should be considered. Both in China and Europe the most popular payment methods are online payment systems such as PayPall. ChinaWay offers assistance in the selection of the optimal partner in terms of commission-fees, reliability and trust among Chinese Internet users.