Ad hoc research

Ad hoc research is a research carried out using various methods, matched specifically to a range of issues drawn up together with the client.

This is performed by gathering information on market specific aspects, factors and processes, their origin, current status and growth trends. All market elements are analyzed, including supply, demand and price, in order to create bases upon which the client is able to make the best possible decision.

This service is dedicated to companies wishing to become known in the Chinese market, but lacking in knowledge of their competition or the demand for their product or service. Our coordinated activities focused on filtering the local Internet, including search engines as Baidu, Qihoo 360 and Sougou, as well as online stores, allow the preparation of a thorough analysis of competitiveness on the Chinese market as regards business environment, identification of problems and favourable situations and the competition in a chosen sector. Such analysis will allow our clients to significantly limit the risks and may contribute to a smaller margin of mistakes in making strategic decisions. It may also allow to prepare the best possible offer for entry to the target market and provide you with knowledge on the position which it is possible to attain, i.e. the likelihood of becoming a leader.

Reports on ad hoc research of competition in the Chinese market may include information such as:


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